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Anonymous Asked: I didnt even blink one bit when India got hacked this time. I think everyone expected it plus she gets more & more boring with each new one anyway. Shes becoming old news in my opinion

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Anonymous Asked: Any tips on how to get a flat stomach quick ?

eat clean, drink lots of water and find a coo little ab workout routine on youtube and stick to it every day and you’ll see results

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Anonymous Asked: Nobody gets hacked as much as her, I like india but I'm getting tired of following her every time she get hacked it ain't the same

tru. but she gets reported a lot 

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Anonymous Asked: Can 1000 dollars buy a whole new wardrobe full of cute stuff from like forever 21 and stuff like that and what ate the things that I need and where should I like shop, at my style is like crystal and India's combined

hell yeah girl. f21 hella cheap.

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Anonymous Asked: So I'm a jr in high school, I use to have hella friends but once I started dating this really nice guy (whose now my love and bestfriend) everybody turned against me. but even before we started dating I cut off every1 cus of their fakeness and my grades.. But his ex is hella annoying, everyday I see her she just throws me off. she's part of the reason why we're not dating now. most of the ppl at my school didn't wanna see me happy but I need advice on how to not let his ex and shit get to me.

just laugh it off. that’s what I do when I see ppl that be worried & talk shit about me behind my back when I don’t even fuck with them no more. I laugh everytime I see em. just look at her as a joke. cause she is if she still worried about you & yours. you got something that she wish she had. just let her sit in the corner mad while you sit pretty with your boo. don’t worry about her. she wanna use her time to worry about somebody else when she could be doing other things. at the end of the she looks like the fool and just playing herself.
good luck girl👌

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dhinezmedia Asked: is CA Westbrooks ur sister ?

crystal is India’s sister yes

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Anonymous Asked: I can't get them that way naturally? I'm really not a fan of makeup I like to be all natural.


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Anonymous Asked: So what are you India fan/support blogs gonna do now that she's not making a new insta?

she has other sources to get pictures. not just instagram.

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